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Midlife Crisis in Women   Relationship Under Pressure
Since it involves not only adjusting to the psychological fact of losing fertility but also coping with physical symptoms caused by hormonal changes, which can be unpleasant...
No marriage or long-standing relationship can ever hope to be perfect all the time; nor can a couple’s sex life/ You may have started out with great expectations and a grand passion but the pressures of life inevitably intrude...

Finding And Identity In Teenage Years

  Health Concern During Travel
Under pressure from their peers, many teenagers find it difficult to resist high-risk temptations such...
Backache and sciatica can cause travelers much concern. The effect of lifting heavy luggage, sleeping unfamiliar beds...
Reasons For Death In US   Breast Cancer In Men

The US is not a country where mortality rate is high; still there are certain fatal reasons that lead to death. The main culprits of death remain same for the last five years......

  male breast cancer  
Male breast cancer is too conspicuous to be ignored. Globally, it is estimated that for 170 breast cancer cases among women...
Methods Of Birth Control   Obamacare Challenges
There are so many options for birth control, but still we are apprehensive about the apt birth control method and eventually the process becomes discouraging...
  male breast cancer  
In the U.S, Obamacare has witnessed many ups and downs in the last five years. For example, there were technical hitches, a presidential election, two Supreme Court challenges and ...
Health and Medical Solution
First Aid
Firs aid is the immediate, temporary care given in case of accident or sudden illness until qualified medical attention can be secured. It is what the name implies – on-the-spot aid, not medical treatment. The following measures are vital in first-aid care...
  Latest Drug News
  Marijuana: Commonly Abused Drugs Among Teenagers
  L.S.D: Hallocinogenic drug, alter space and time conception
  Image Collection: Skin Problem Pictures
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Most Common Symptoms & Signs
Rectal Bleeding Insomnia Rheumatic Heart Diseases
Vaginal Discharge Problem Of Overweight Tension Fatigue
Abdominal Pain Heel Pain Chest Pain
Poisoning Breast Cancer Osteoporosis
Stress and Body Blood Vessels And Heart Diseases Vaginal Itching
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