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Physical Fitness

Have you ever heard statements like the following? The boys of today are not as strong as they we 20 years ago; they just don’t have the legs; they lack upper body strength; they ride everywhere; they have it too easy; they are soft generation.

Some people say modern girls starve themselves and they lack the luster what earlier girls used to have. Their work is done by mechanical devices; they don’t get enough exercise; and they too, are physically soft.  The need for increased attention to the physical fitness of our youth is clearly established. Although today’s young generation is fundamentally healthy, the majority have not developed strong, agile bodies. The softening process of our civilization continues to carry on its persistent erosion.

Most people would like to have a stronger body like a skillful performer in some sport or a star athlete. Many women long to have an attractive figure like a movie star or fashion model. Members of both sexes enjoy having an abundance of energy for play and recreation. This matter of physical fitness is important for several reasons:

  • It radiates health and self-confidence
  • It improves appearance
  • It increases capacity for enjoyment of friends and activities
  • It enables a person to perform his daily work without undue fatigue

The upper limits one can achieve in fitness are partially determined by inheritance. Some of us inherit the capacity y for an exceptionally strong and well-coordinated body; others are not so fortunate. However, the extent to which an individual develops to a great extent on his daily exercise habits. To be sure, adequate food, sufficient rest and relaxation, suitable work, proper medical and dental care and a practice of moderation are also very important in keeping your body fit.


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